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Hello, my name is Gina and if you're anything like me, you consider your pets a BIG part of your family. And just like any family member we want only the best for them. My top priority and greatest joy is comforting your critters while you're away and ensuring that they have the highest quality and compassionate care. I am a pet care professional with over 25 total years experience and I also work part time as an Animal Control Officer who is dedicated to the care and well being of all animals.  I worked many years for a Veterinary Hospital and did everything from assisting in surgery to scheduling appointments.  I taught puppy socialization and basic obedience classes and counseled clients on behavioral issues such as attention seeking, separation anxiety and play aggression. I have been studying canine behavior in my free time but also on a professional level for many years.  In my spare time I work tirelessly for several animal welfare organizations in an effort to prevent cruelty and neglect to the innocent animals throughout the world.  I have organized and hosted fundraisers, raised money for shelter animals, collected food for sick and homelss animals and I attend as many meetings and get involved with as many demonstrations as I possibly can.  My Pet Sitting experience goes back a long time.  I first started helping friends and family with their animals from time to time, then began to extend my services to neighbors, clients and customers.  I then realized how important this work had become to me and how much my clients and their critters relied on me and it really blossomed from there.  Seeing the huge difference in the relaxed and happy demeanor of the animals in my care compared to the hundreds of stress and anxiety riddled family pets I've witnessed sitting in lonely boarding facilities, really tugged at my heart strings. It was then that I decided to take my services to the next level so that I could help as many of these critters and their families as I possibly could.  The services I offer to you and your pets include, but are not limited to, daily dogs walks & kitty play time to overnight sits, puppy training & taxi service.

I am skilled and experienced in many areas of animal care
-15 + years work in Veterinary Hospitals
-13 years pet sitting/dog walking
-10 years canine behavior and obedience work.

**You never have to worry about various different people coming in and out of your home when you choose Comforting Critters Pet Care.  I am the only person who will be caring for your beloved furry family members.  I do not hire sitters - I do all jobs myself and I alone will be your pet's caretaker.   When it comes to yours pet's schedule and regular routine, it is very important that they can rely on and get comfortable with one person that you can both put your trust and faith in. **

Gallery: Take a Look at some of my furry friends!

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I am Red Cross certified in Pet First Aid and CPR
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